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Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking and Hot Spring

Private Batur Caldera Trekking Tour

Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking constitutes one of the most challenging and fun outdoor activities in Bali. Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking is close to Mount Batur that we can reach two hours from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali province. On Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking we will be able to enjoy the amazing views of the oceans and Lake Batur seen from the edge of Batur caldera. On the east we can see ocean and Mount Agung, the greatest mountain in Bali, also we can see mount Rinjani of Lombok Island from the long distance. On the west we can see lake Batur and mount Batur. This trip will take you through the small forest where you can observe directly the activities of the local people that work as traditional farmers. After we walk up and down the caldera we will continue the journey to cross lake Batur on traditional canoe.

The most interesting experience of this trip is swimming and bathingat the hot spring in Toyabungkah to refresh your body and mood after such a tiring activity. During the journey to the hotel,we will provide you an unforgettable experience by visiting the amazing local coffee plantation called Luwak Coffee. In this place, you can see how a Traditional Bali coffee is made and processed. Other than that,you can experience how to make Balinese coffee in a very traditional way. Not enough? You will also get a lot of samples of herbal teas and Luwak coffee (the unique coffee from animal called Luwak) which is very famous and delicious.

02.00-03.30: Pick up time at the hotel
05.00 : Starting point.
06.00 : Arrive at top of caldera, where we can see the spectacular views and sunrise, while there we enjoy refreshment of hot tea or local hot coffee
06.45 : Continue our trekking around caldera crater (along this way we’ll see/visit the traditional Balinese people and traditional local house) and next we will continue to small village called PULAK by our traditional canoe/boat.
08.30 : Cross the lake Batur to Hulundanu Temple or parking area
09.00: Arrive at finishing point: Hulundanu Temple.
09.15 : Swim at the Hot Spring
11.30 : Visiting Coffee Plantation
13.00 : Back to Hotel

Things to Bring:
• Trekking Shoes
• Jacket
• Long Pants
• Camera
• Swimming Suits

The Price Includes:
• Air Conditioned Car or Mini-bus
• One English Speaking guide /Tour Guide
• Flashlights
• Bottle Mineral Water, Snacks, and Fruits (Breakfast)
• Hot Spring Fee
• Entrance Fee to Kintamani Area
• Traditional Canoe/Boat

Pick Up Time:
Nusa Dua :02.15 a.m
Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Canggu :02.30 a.m
Ubud : 03.30 a.m
Price : $65 USD / Pax
NB : for minimum 2 Persons booking

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mount Abang Jungle Trekking

Mount Abang (Gunung Abang) is a real rain forest mountain. Mount Abang jungle trekking is the best jungle trekking in Kintamani that we offer in the tropical island of Bali.  Come on! Let us enjoy having a peaceful trekking tour through the lush rain forest of Mount Abang while hearing the birds singing and inhale the fresh air, and admiring the amazing views of Batur volcano and Cadera lake of Batur. Mount Abang stands 2,152 meters above the sea level and it constitutes the second highest mountain in Bali. The peak of Mount Abang can be reached by physically fit hikers in approximately 2.5 hours. Considering the trekking paths, the duration of time, the beautiful views and the magnificent sunrise of the tropical island, It is not an exaggeration that this Mount Abang Jungle Trekking is the best Jungle trekking in Bali that we offer. 

The Mount Abang Jungle Trekking starts from a village called Suter at approximately 03.00 a.m. for sunrise trek. The beautiful sunrise that you can enjoy witnessing can be seen from the summit of the mountain which is 1,350 meters above sea level. The trekking tour can be described as half way of your trek is moderate route, and then continuously proceed to a steep path, zigzag one and slippery trek because your trekking path is inside a tropical rain forest.

Reward of the Jungle trekking in Mount Abang: The views from the top of the mountain are really breathtaking with cloud formations surrounding the lake and volcano, naval of the world along with a picturesque coastline on the other. The Jungle Trekking tour is believed to become more energized as we pray at a temple during our trek tour in Mount Abang.

Extra trip: On your way to go back to the hotel where you stay in Bali, you will visit another interesting place, that is Balinese coffee plantation or Bali agro-tourism place. Here you will be able to see many kinds of Balinese plantations. You will have the chance to taste organic tea or Coffee luwak (Civet coffee) which is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world. Here you will obtain experiences how to make Balinese coffee in traditional ways using simple techniques. 

Nusa Dua : 01:40 AM Sanur : 02:00 AM
Kuta : 01:40 AM Tulamben : 01:30 AM
Legian : 01:40 AM Candidasa : 01:40 AM
Seminyak : 01:40 AM Lovina : 01:30 AM
Canggu : 01:40 AM Ubud : 02:30 AM

1). 01.40-02.30 am : Picking up at your hotel, with comfortable and air-conditioned cars
2). 03.30am : Arriving at the starting point at Suter Village, introduction to trekking guides, and a short briefing about safety and the procedure of Mount Abang Jungle trekking.
3). 03.40am : Starting our trek tour to the summit of mount Abang sunrise point.
4). 05.00am : Arriving at the summit of mount Abang, sunrise point.
5). 07.00am : breathtaking with cloud formations surrounding the lake and volcano, naval of the world along with a picturesque coastline on the other and having breakfast of boiled eggs.
6). 07.30am : Continuing our descent to Suter Village which is the end of our adventure trip.
7). 09.00am : Arriving at Suter Village where you board into the car.
8). 09.30am : Halting off at the Balinese Coffee plantation.
9). 11.00am : Going back to your hotel where you stay in Bali
10). 13.00-14.00 : Arriving at your hotel.

1. Jacket, Camera, Sun block, trekking shoes, mosquito protection.
2.   Spare T shirt, Hat and glove (if available).

1. Comfortable and air-conditioned car for picking-up and return service, experienced trekking guides.
2. Breakfast, snack, fruits, mineral water, Sticks for Hiking, and Flashlights
3. Entrance fee to Kintamani Area, parking fee, toilet fee and dust mask.

1. Temperature : 10 – 18° Degrees on the summit of the mountain
2. Trekking duration : lasting between 4 – 5 hours.
3. Distance : approximately 5-6 kilo meters in total.
4. Activity level : Moderate.

1. Bringing some cash for your expenses and for tipping your guide and driver is recommended.
2. Please bring only what you need for the trekking trip, just leave the rest of your things in your hotel room.
3. It is recommended that the Jungle Trekking trip to Mount Abang is carried out during the day light in the dry season of the tropical Bali island.

1. UBUD                                                      : IDR 700.000/person (for minimum 2 persons booking)
2. TULAMBEN, NUSA DUA                          : IDR 800.000/person (minimum 2 persons booking)
3. KUTA, SANUR, LOVINA, CANDIDASA    : IDR 750.000/person (minimum 2 persons booking)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bali Hiking Tour

Bali Hiking Tour Package

Hiking in Bali is one of the best outdoor activities to enjoy the beauty of village of Bali, mountain, volcano, Lake, rice filed and river across by foot. There is many Hiking in Bali you can do for your outdoor activities. That such as Mount Batur Hiking, Trekking to black lava of Batur, Batur Caldera Trekking and the most challenging trekking in Bali is Mount Agung Hiking. All of that is trekking is to explore the beauty of mountain in Bali.

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Here bellow the most famous hiking in Bali , we can explain for all people who want to know:

Sunrise Hiking to Mount Batur

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Hiking to mount batur for sunrise

Batur Volcano is the most popular Hiking  in Bali for amazing sunrise, this is very famous in the world, everyday more then 200 people climbing everyday. Most of them foreign people, they want hunting the best sunrise from an active volcano of Batur. It can be done by 2 hours hike and 1 hours descent. Best time to visit during July, August, September.

This is the news one adventure available in Bali, especially in Mount Batur, the trekking is exploring the beauty of frozen black lava. This trekking started in the morning around 7 am, and can be finished by 11 am, you can explorea this site by your foot and walking around the frozen black lava and also you can use the extreme one by 4×4 Jeep of motor cross. It will be challenging for you and can test your adrenaline.

Hiking to Batur Caldera

Trekking in Bali, Bali trekking, Batur caldera trekking, mount Batur trekking.
Batur caldera trekking

The second popular Hiking in Bali for stunning sunrise is Hiking to Batur Caldera, this is trekking tour in the East part of Batur Volcano and offered double amazing views. Ocean in the east and Lake Batur in the west part, it can be summit by 1 hours hike from the starting point and 1 hours descent. 

Hiking to mount agung Bali.

Mount Agung Trekking, Agung volcano trekking, trekking in Bali

The Most challenging hiking in Bali and the most extreme hiking tour to capture sunrise is Mount Agung volcano sunrise hiking. This Hiking tout can done by 6 hours up and 5 hours down via the longer one route, its via Besakih temple. The sorter one is via Pasar Agung, it can take approximate 4 hours hike and 3 hours descend. The views offered both is amazing.

That all trekking in Bali and adventure tour and challenging outdoor activities you can enjoy while travel in Bali to enjoying the beauty of village, mountain, volcano, Lake, rice filed and river across by foot and jeep or motor cross.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mount Agung Trekking Route and Itinerary

Information of Mount Agung Trekking Route and Itinerary.

We have two alternatives for you to choose to do climbing Mount Agung – and the following is the detailed explanation for you to find the differences.

Climbing up Mt Agung from Besakih Temple starting point: The trek will start from Besakih Temple which is well-known as the Mother Temple of Bali.  The ascent will last around  5 to 7 hours and ends at the very highest spot of the mountain which is 3,142 meters above sea level.

Climbing up Mt Agung from Pasar Agung Temple starting spot: This is a shorter trek – which takes just a 3 to 4 hours hike up to the top of Mount Agung in which you ascend around 2,000 meters. This route is not as stiff as the Besakih route. This route ends at about 100 meters below the peak of Mount Agung. Yet, you will still see the excellent views in all directions from here and also the views down into the actual crater.

The following is the Tour itinerary:


11.30 – 12.00 PM: picking up at your hotel, depending on the location of your hotel in Bali

01:45 AM: Arriving at Pasar Agung Temple starting spot – Meeting our professional Local Guide

01:45 AM: Starting the trek to the peak of Mount Agung

06:00 AM: Arriving at the top, where we will see the amazing panorama and stunning sunrise from the peak of the Holiest and highest active Volcano in Bali Island.

07:30 AM: Starting our descent to the finishing spot of our trek.

11:00 AM: Arriving at the finishing point and boarding into the car.

01:00 PM: Arriving back at your hotel.


08.30 – 09.00 PM: picking up at your hotel which depends on the location of your hotel in Bali

11:00 PM: Arriving at Besakih Temple starting spot.

11:15 PM: Starting the trekking trip to the peak and the sunrise viewpoint.

06:00 AM: Arriving at the top, where we see the spectacular views and fascinating sunrise.

07:30 AM: Starting our descent to the finishing spot of our trek.

12:00 PM: Arriving at the finishing point and boarding into the car.

02:00 PM: arriving back at your hotel.

The cost for this adventure (VIA BESAKIH TEMPLE)  is : USD$79/Person for Minimum 2 Persons booking. This price includes: Picking up and returning service transfer back to your hotel by a private air-conditioned car, Experienced private local guide who is a good English speaking man, Entrance Fee to Karangasem Area, Drinking water, Juice & Power Balinese Breakfast, Walking Sticks & Headlamp and Lunch.

The cost for this adventure ( VIA PASAR AGUNG TEMPLE )  is : USD$69/Person ( for Minimum 2 Persons reservation). This price includes: Picking up and returning transfer service to your hotel by a private air-conditioned car, Experienced private local guides who are English speaking men, Entrance Fee to Karangasem Area, Drinking water, Juice & Power Balinese Breakfast, Walking Sticks & Headlamp and Lunch.

The beneficial increment you will get: Our service is private, we do not use sharing transportation and guide, designed exclusively just for you, for your best experience.

Please do let us know if you need more details so that we can respond as soon as possible – and please make a reservation for this package on the latest 1 day previously.

The following are some reviews concerning the trekking trips to Mount Agung

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bali Volcano Sunrise Hike

Best Bali Volcano Sunrise Trek

Bali Volcano Sunrise Trek often known as Kintamani volcano or Mount Batur Volcano is one of the best active volcano in Bali and popular tourist destination in Bali central highlands. The wonderful scenery of the 13sqm Batur caldera lake may serve as the main attraction, together with the exciting Mount Batur Bali Volcano.
Think of, you will be standing at the top of the second place most holy popular volcanic mountain of Bali Indonesia. On the east, the sun up and coming smoothly with orange gold skies background. The lake scene on the slope of the Mount Batur Bali, natural air, along with the warmth of the sun light on your body only a few moments to mention.Let’s get out of your busy and also tight routine, together with enjoyed the fun adventure with us.

The Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is a fantastic way to going back to natural scenery, having fun with the fresh air, having to take a deep breath, and also relaxing your stressful your mind. It really is a great hiking level, around 4-5 hrs in total. The Mount Batur Bali Volcano’s the second place active volcano on the island of bali, erected in the large ancient crater around 700 meter tall and then 1717 meter above sea level. Trekking will started at 04.00 am from the starting place, and then you are going to get the peak at around 06.00 am, the best time for sunrise. And The breakfast will be provided at the top of the mountain with egg together with banana cooked at the hot steam.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Package

Private Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Package

Mountain climbing is a challenging outdoor activity. Mount Batur is a very good place to do that. It is very good as it is located in a high land of the centre of Bali island. As a result it has a cool weather. It also has a wonderful panorama. Additionally it has a very exotic caldera lake we can enjoy. Mount Batur is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The south east side of the larger 10×13 km caldera contains a caldera lake. The inner 7.5-kilometer-wide caldera, which was formed during emplacement of the Bali ignimbrite, has been dated at about 23,670 and 28,500 years ago.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Package

The first eruption of the volcano was in 1804 and since then it has undergone several eruptions and the most recent one was in 2000. The eruption that brought this volcano to be visible above the ocean is one of the most forceful across the earth. This volcano is marked by a collapsed top, called a caldera. The southeast wall of the inner caldera lies beneath Lake Batur; Batur cone has been constructed within the inner caldera to a height above the outer caldera rim.

 The Batur stratovolcano has produced vents over much of the inner caldera, but a NE-SW fissure system has localized the Batur I, II, and III craters along the summit ridge. Historical eruptions have been characterized by mild-to-moderate explosive activity sometimes accompanied by lava emission. Basaltic lava flows from both summit and flank vents have reached the caldera floor and the shores of Lake Batur over its history. The caldera contains an active, 700-meter-tall stratovolcano rising above the surface of Lake Batur. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is visible today when viewed from Kintamani, a town that straddles the southwest ridge of the greater caldera.

The lake, “Danau Batur”, as the local people call it, is the largest crater lake on the island of Bali and is a good source of fish, as well as drinking water for Bali. The caldera is populated and includes the four main villages of Kedisan, Songan, Trunyan and Toya Bungkah, among a total of 15 villages. The locals largely rely on agriculture for income but tourism has become increasingly popular due to the relatively straightforward trek to the summit of the central crater. Enjoy the view of the sunrise from the top of the mountain with a delicious breakfast cooked by steam from an active volcano is a tremendous thrill to your experience while in Bali. To book this package please click here or visit Bali Sunrise Trekking

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mount Batur Volcano Trekking

Welcome to Mount Batur Volcano Trekking

The magical island of Bali offers not just a relaxing tropical paradise, but also the opportunity for a great trekking experience. With the help of out experienced, local guides, we offer you the chance to climb to the top of Mt. Batur. Mt Batur is a volcano located next to a lake in the village of Toya Bungkah(Hot Springs). You may choose among three of our different guided treks, of which each offer a rewarding and unique experience. Mt. Batur is erupted several times in the past century. The first eruption occurred in 1917, followed by others in 1926, 1963, 1974, and 1994. Climbing Mt. Batur is challenging yet very rewarding. With the help of our guides, you will be easily led through rugged yet scenic terrain. At the top , you will view the incredible sunrise as well as the neighboring island of Lombok. All of our guides are local Balinese, who have been climbing Mt. Batur since childhood. Our guides can share their special knowledge and love of this region of Bali, while you create tour own wonderful and long-lasting memories of this journey.

Mount Batur Volcano Trekking

02.00-03.00 : Our driver will pick up from your hotel  where are you stay in Bali,From your hotel we  directly to start point in Jati Village, Pick time depend where you stay in Bali.
04.00 am : After we just arrive at starting point, our experience professional trekking  guide  introduction and safety  procedure briefing.
04.15 am : our guide will take you on a one and a half hour trek to reach the top of the highest crater by sunrice.
06.00 am : While eating breakfast, you will catch amazing sights and see the beautiful sunrice.
07.00 am : .From the summit, our guide will lead you around the rim and continue to the second crater (erupted in 1926), the third ( erupted in 1963), and youngest crater (erupted in 1974 and 1994).
08.00 am : You will then cross a hill of lava and black sand.
09.00 am : You will arrive at the bottom by 09.00 am
10.00 am : Visit Balinese coffee plantation



*comfortable running or hiking shoes
*t-shirt, long trousers, and a jacket
*be sure to bring a camera and lots of film for picture taking


Ubud : 02:30 am            Sanur : 02:00 am

Kuta :  01:40 am            Nusa Dua : 01:40 am

Legian:  01:40 am          Seminyak: 01:40 am

Price : $55,00 USD Per person [Minimum 2 persons]

Include :
– Air-conditioned Private Car
– English speaking driver and Local Guide
– Breakfast
– Flashlights
– Entrance Ticket to Kintamani Volcano
– Try Bali Coffee
– Parking fee